Get to Know Me

12109921_1055010974517345_4205558307139402773_oWhy am I a Photographer?

I fell in love with photography when I took it in high school using a film camera and developing in the black room. From that moment I could not get photography out of my blood and photographed life as a hobby.

On August 12, 2008, our first son, Wyatt, was delivered sleeping into the world. The only things that we have to remember him by are the photographs that were taken at the hospital.

I decided to start my photography business to freeze those moments in time for you. I know how important photos are to you. These are the only things that my children will have to remember or visually see their brother that is heaven watching us.

Pictures tell a story about you and is always the one thing that we look to when seeing history. This is also the reason why prints and storybooks are important and why I use the best of the best in my business to offer to you. Memories fade away with age, but pictures and albums last a lifetime.

Five words that best describe me:

  • Straight shooter
  • Honest
  • Trust worthy
  • Down to earth
  • Patient

My loves:

  • Riding Horse
  • Northern Lights
  • Black and White Photography
  • Outdoors
  • Country Life
  • The beauty of cities
  • Family
  • Meat and Potatoes
  • A good glass of wine
  • The ability to see life through the lens of my camera and freezing moments in time

Thanks for getting to know me and I cannot wait to get to know you.