I want to invite you to a Personal Beauty Session. Where we celebrate being a women and everything about “You”. It is hard to take the time to celebrate and just to be “You”. We can be so critical of ourselves and I am here to spoil you and to capture the most beautiful image of “You” that you can be proud of and display in your home and share with the world. Hair and makeup included in session. I have the wardrobe or you can bring your own wardrobe, which we will discuss in detail.

Some suggestions for Beauty Sessions:

  • Mother & daughter
  • Mother & son
  • Sisters
  • Generational
  • Siblings
  • Day with the friends
  • Bridesmaids and bride or flower girls
  • Sweet 16
  • 21st, 30, 40th, 50th, 60th, 100th birthday
  • Individual session to celebrate “you”
  • Anniversary or birthday gift for the husband/significant other

Watch the below video on how a Beauty Session works. The videos do play music.

Specializing in “You”, I’m yours.

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