Lydia Newborn Session

Newborn-Session-8We become parents at conception and the worries that your newborn baby will be delivered breathing and alive has no guarantees, because we can only control so much of what happens in our pregnant belly. We as Lydia’s parents understand that best, since Lydia is our third child that we have delivered into the world. We cannot thank God enough for each child he has given us even though all three are not here on earth. We are thankful for our two living children and our angel in heaven watching over us every day. Pregnancy and delivery was never the same of after our first child was born sleeping at 32 weeks. It wasn’t the same for only us the parents, but also for our family and friends as they too had endured the pain of what could have been with our first child, Wyatt. It is hard for other people to understand why every pregnancy going forward was forever changed. I pray for every pregnant parent that your baby growing inside will be delivered breathing and alive and not endure that loss. I want you to capture your precious miracle baby’s tiny fingers, toes, sleepy grins, and wrinkles.

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Flynn Every Steps Newborn Package

Newborn-Every-steps-3Beth and Terry Flynn choose me to be their photographer and selected the Every Steps Package. The six sessions they picked were maternity, newborn, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months with the cake smash. We were setup to do her Maternity Session until she called me with news saying, she is in the St. Cloud Hospital on bedrest and we are not able to do the maternity session. I told her I will come to you as long as your doctor gives the okay that it is safe. Approval was granted with some rules of course, but the most important thing is mom and baby’s well-being. I packed up my gear and heading to the hospital the next day and was able to get incredible photos that you wouldn’t know she was in the hospital.

Alexis Elizabeth Flynn arrived into the world on November 5, 2012.

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I’m Yours Graphistudio Storybook Albums


I was introduced to Graphistudio at a Need Light? Speedlit! WTF (What the Flash) Seminar that I attended with two amazing photographers, Bob Davis and Stephen Eastwood in March 2014 at the Radisson Blu Mall of America. I was amazed by quality, options, and what Graphi was able to offer to my clients and these amazing storybooks. Graphistudio is the first company that I feel in love with the product and customer service. They are Hand crafted in Italy by this award winning company, but I work with a local rep out of the Twin Cities, which is huge. I am beyond excited that I can offer a product that I am proud to sell and provide to my clients that have the “Wow Factor” for storybooks.  The quality and price I cannot compare to other companies that I used or looked into. They continue to amaze me with staying ahead and being the front runner for new ideas.

I love them and others that love them is because the style, elegance, and attention to the details is amazing. The albums are known worldwide as one of the most accomplished examples of Made in Italy, they are distinguished for the accurate materials selection, for research and development at the beginning of the creative process all the way to the end.

You will be amazed and surprised by the product when you see it in person!

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Tips on Improving Family Portraits

Clients often ask what should or shouldn’t we wear for our family portrait. I know as a parent family photos are not always fun, but here are some tips and ways that you can make better family photos. That you can treasure forever.

  • Have people say words that end in “Y” (silly, happy, puppy) as Y gives a natural smile.
    I would rather have a photo with no smile rather than forced or fake.
  • Avoid saying the word no, because kids lockup and they don’t like to do things wrong, divert attention to something else.
  • Allow them to be themselves, because that is what you want in photos to catch the personality of your family and kids.
  • Try to stay relaxed. I have a 10 month old and 5 year old and it is not always that easy for family photos. Allow them to play and be silly.
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