Lydia Newborn Session

Newborn-Session-8We become parents at conception and the worries that your newborn baby will be delivered breathing and alive has no guarantees, because we can only control so much of what happens in our pregnant belly. We as Lydia’s parents understand that best, since Lydia is our third child that we have delivered into the world. We cannot thank God enough for each child he has given us even though all three are not here on earth. We are thankful for our two living children and our angel in heaven watching over us every day. Pregnancy and delivery was never the same of after our first child was born sleeping at 32 weeks. It wasn’t the same for only us the parents, but also for our family and friends as they too had endured the pain of what could have been with our first child, Wyatt. It is hard for other people to understand why every pregnancy going forward was forever changed. I pray for every pregnant parent that your baby growing inside will be delivered breathing and alive and not endure that loss. I want you to capture your precious miracle baby’s tiny fingers, toes, sleepy grins, and wrinkles.

Our third child, Lydia, was born in December 2014.

Each of us have things that we want to capture about the family or put touches on your newborn session that will be unique or personal to you. I wanted to use our first son, Wyatt’s blanket in the photos. I have been around horses my whole life. I showed pleasure, breed, trained, and would sell those horses when I was growing up. My husband, Chad enjoys peacocks, which we have at our place. Peacocks are such beautiful birds and why not surprise my husband by using some of the feathers that are falling out of them for Lydia’s session. Therefore, I had to contact Shelly Pierson with Crafty Girls of Avon to make me peacock newborn props and a western newborn prop that I could use for this session and they turned out awesome. Shelly is always game for something new. She called me to let me know they were done and she told me that she completely forgot she was allergic to feathers, she couldn’t figure out why her throat was itchy… She mustered through because she said her Young Living Essential Oils made it possible. Shelly you are a work star and thankful that you were able to assist with the newborn props to make my baby girl newborn images unique.

Things can happen so quickly with pregnancies, newborns, or other loved ones. If you know of someone that is having a Stillbirth Delivery and they would like photographs of their newborn baby, please call me and I would be honored to give them the gift of those memories as their Stillbirth Photographer.  I’m yours, Alison Hauck Portraits & Design, LLC, capturing Every Step in your life by providing you prints and albums that will never fade away and cherish forever.