Embracing My Beauty!

WOW!! What a fun day!  We had such a great time and you, Grace and Sara made it such a blast.  Really, we couldn't believe it.  All the touches of the gorgeous dresses and choices, our hair done, getting to talk about makeup and the look we wanted...and the wonderful touch of the mimosas and fun snacks!  So fancy! You were such a kick with the shoots. You have such an eye for detail and you made it really fun.  I was so impressed.   I'm looking forward to hearing how you can serve and empower more women.  I had made a challenge with myself a month ago (today is the last day) to 'love myself more and it was so good for me to hear people telling me I looked good yesterday because I have a low self esteem...to an extent I didn't realize. Thanks for helping me to pay attention to that!  I appreciate it!   This morning I decided to extend my 'love myself' to include my body too. Thank you for waking me up and embracing my beauty!! I LOVE IT! You're great Alison and I truly admire, appreciate and am grateful for women like you who empower and lift others up.  (Ijust got goose bumps)…because it's important. You change lives with your work. That's something to be proud of. Thank you! —Erika